Soil Culture on World Soil Day 2016

Something to celebrate World Soil Day 2016 and it’s only £15 – buy it here


…. and the cob shed is in the back pages



New work completed – Escape & Invasion

The concept camera has finally spat out its one and only body of work. Escape & Invasion

by the shed
by the shed

link to whole project

Soil Sensor work in progress

Work in progress, grid of 12 tiles for soil sensor 2015
Work in progress, grid of 12 tiles for soil sensor 2015

So here we are, a grid of 12 just to see how it’s shaping up as an idea and what the end result might look like. I suppose it makes more sense to wait until it’s finished before publishing but I’m quite excited and impatient. Had some initial problems with very hardy seeds that came with the soil but they’re weeded out and hopefully that should be it. It’s interesting to see how the soil has leveled out, broken down and weathered into a much finer till. I’m also coming to terms with the fact that children, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice and bunch other things are going to be collaborators on this project. I have also noticed some rather tough perennials breaking through the matting and showing an appearance. It’s going to be an interesting and unpredictable few months.