Rog Ur, a 12 month check up

It’s just over 12 months since Rog Ur was donated to the orchestra and he’s doing well.

Rog Ur June 2011 and January 2012 © Copyright Tom Ingate 2012 all rights reserved

It’s quite amazing how resilient this little tree is. Traveling from the Tian Shan Mountains as a seed in a pocket. Germinated in a pot under a hedge in Suffolk then planted out in Cornwall. Stunted and root bound Rog Ur almost tripled his branches last year with the majority of the growth coming from near the base. The original whip lost its leaves about a month before the new growth, not sure if this is a bad sign, will have to see what happens this year.



Record start for apple season as Britain’s orchards bear fruit six weeks early

Interesting Article

Although most of my trees are mid to late season I wonder what will happen this year. I hope they’re not all off the trees by September, it would make the last few minuets of the three season piece a bit dull.