Cornelius Cardew

After convincing Sam the music teacher the loan of his full sized double bass he said I should look up Cornelius Cardew.


A guide to Cornelius Cardew’s music




Call for Musicians

The Apple Tree Orchestra has been invited to the Cultivation Field Exhibition at Reading University in June this year. Very very exciting but I now need an ensemble to interpret and perform the score.

Preferably 5-10 musicians, strings, woodwind and flute. Three rehearsals should do it and then a recorded performance in a very old walled orchard. There might be some more performances later in the year but they’re not confirmed yet.

So any local musicians interested in a collaborative interpretation of music written by trees then you know where to come.

And for everyone else watch this space for the recorded performance.

Swap your Vinyl for the Sounds of Tree Rings!?

Evidence of emergent networks, this is something Press and Editorial Photography student Ed Stone stumbled across…. and thought of me.

Slices of tree trunk being played on turntables!

Cheers Ed

Storms, Heartbeats, Beans and Apples make Music

So today’s the day. The final apple has dropped from the Cornish Mother in the front garden and I can start working on the score.

This is from two weeks ago, the largest drop over two days I’ve had from these trees. Really no idea at this stage how its going to sound, I’m also going to need more musicians this year to break up these dense clusters of notes. There’s been some interest in the orchestra recently and people have been sending me all sorts of great stuff based around automated composition

Kate Corder from Cultivation Field sent me this piece about using storm data to make music.
also the Heart Chamber Orchestra from Magda,

and this sent by Raquel Estrada-Nora, music from jumping beans!!

Open Boat Orchestra