2012 will be a poor crop of apples

It’s going to be a quiet year, my trees have been hit by the warm March and cold April. Any blossoms left on trees after the storms were abandoned by the bugs who were too cold to come out and pollinate. After the relatively noisy success of 2011 I only have 17 apples on my six trees. All of which are getting nice and fat with ample space to grow on the branches, therefore no ‘June drop’.

Lord Derby Cookers © Tom Ingate

Maybe this year the trees will beat their 43 days of silence.

From a humble little apple

This evening I’ve had the greatest loveliest experience. Sitting in an old walled orchard watching the first performance of three seasons. An amazing experience to see something that has been in my head for so many years being performed in front of me. Slightly out of body and very pleasant.

My sincerest thanks to everyone involved, musicians, film and sound people, cello & chair carriers alike. I hope no one suffers from too many insect bites.

Really looking forward to seeing the finished video but in the mean time here are a few stills from this evening.

Three seasons will be played at the Cultivation Field Exhibition in Reading throughout June so pop along and see what’s going on. I’ll post a copy of the piece here after the exhibition.

New Apples for the new Orchard

After a fine collection of seed from the Russet, Tommy Knight and Cornish Mother back in September only four of them germinated. In previous years I’ve had 80% germination so no idea what happened there. So here are the four new members of the orchestra.

The older seedlings are doing well, really need to find a patch of land to turn into an orchard.