Rog Ur, the apple from Tian Shan

Update on the Ur apple.

The Wild apple is somewhere between a bush and a tree and Rog is certainly bushin’ out nicely.

It’s amazing the growth in just 12 months. This tree started life in a pot under a hedge in Deakin’s meadow.  After a few years under the hedge it was ready to stretch its legs,  and now he’s off.

Still waiting for flowers and fruit but it’s looking very healthy. Not bad for a tree/bush that’s had such a journey.

Extract from Wild Wood by Roger Deakin where he collects the seeds from the Tian Shan.

A very excellent read, not just for tree lovers.

Link: The Guardian review

Link: Google books preview

New Apples for the new Orchard

After a fine collection of seed from the Russet, Tommy Knight and Cornish Mother back in September only four of them germinated. In previous years I’ve had 80% germination so no idea what happened there. So here are the four new members of the orchestra.

The older seedlings are doing well, really need to find a patch of land to turn into an orchard.