Three Seasons for Cultivation Field 2012

Recorded in the walled orchard at Tremough.

Three Seasons from left to right. Tom Sharpe – Double Bass, Kath Williams – Cello, Cally Gibson – Viola, Eva Cooney – Violin Sarah Claman – Violin, Emma Barber – Clarinet

With thanks to

Maisie Thomas-Ayde – Sound recording

Sam Jones – Camera operator and sound

Chris Brown – Camera operator /Editor

Stuart Cottle – Camera operator / Dop

sample of the score
sample of the score


Cornelius Cardew

After convincing Sam the music teacher the loan of his full sized double bass he said I should look up Cornelius Cardew.


A guide to Cornelius Cardew’s music




From a humble little apple

This evening I’ve had the greatest loveliest experience. Sitting in an old walled orchard watching the first performance of three seasons. An amazing experience to see something that has been in my head for so many years being performed in front of me. Slightly out of body and very pleasant.

My sincerest thanks to everyone involved, musicians, film and sound people, cello & chair carriers alike. I hope no one suffers from too many insect bites.

Really looking forward to seeing the finished video but in the mean time here are a few stills from this evening.

Three seasons will be played at the Cultivation Field Exhibition in Reading throughout June so pop along and see what’s going on. I’ll post a copy of the piece here after the exhibition.

Storms, Heartbeats, Beans and Apples make Music

So today’s the day. The final apple has dropped from the Cornish Mother in the front garden and I can start working on the score.

This is from two weeks ago, the largest drop over two days I’ve had from these trees. Really no idea at this stage how its going to sound, I’m also going to need more musicians this year to break up these dense clusters of notes. There’s been some interest in the orchestra recently and people have been sending me all sorts of great stuff based around automated composition

Kate Corder from Cultivation Field sent me this piece about using storm data to make music.
also the Heart Chamber Orchestra from Magda,

and this sent by Raquel Estrada-Nora, music from jumping beans!!

Open Boat Orchestra

V.3 New Track Preview

I’m in the lull between the June drop and the September/October ripening so I thought I would see how the new score is shaping up. I’ve pieced it together for a piano to make things easier in the short term but I’m looking forward to transposing it for a string quintet.