V.3 New Track Preview

I’m in the lull between the June drop and the September/October ripening so I thought I would see how the new score is shaping up. I’ve pieced it together for a piano to make things easier in the short term but I’m looking forward to transposing it for a string quintet.

From meadow to allotment in pictures 2008-2011

The first turf dug February 2008, the last time this soil was turned it was pre WWll

March 2008, the rabbit fence goes up.

September 2008, some much need digging, only leaks and kale this autumn.

Can’t find any photos of 2009 but added some more raised beds, dug a pond and started a shed from pallets and other found stuff.

Looking East down the plot, March 2010.

…and up the plot.

May 2010, Jim flowering at the back there, also finished the shed and a nice blue gate.

Winter 2010

June 2011, shot with my camera phone with muddy finger print on the lens.

Record start for apple season as Britain’s orchards bear fruit six weeks early

Interesting Article


Although most of my trees are mid to late season I wonder what will happen this year. I hope they’re not all off the trees by September, it would make the last few minuets of the three season piece a bit dull.

Season 3 and Roger joins the orchestra.

Season Three

It’s been a long long winter and I’ve dusted off the tape measure and note book and we’re off again. So far this year all six of the original trees have apples and the score is looking busy already and it’s only June.

We also have a new member, one of Roger Deakin’s apple trees was very kindly donated in January by a friend of Deakin’s and now ‘Roger’ is spreading his roots up the allotment. Too soon for flowers and apples off Roger but he’s looking healthy so hopefully he’ll be adding his own notes to the score next year.