Ecologies of the hedge

Using Joseph Dodds to guide me through Deleuzoguattarian ecopsycology I’ve been playing around with the idea of hedges as a meshwork, the mix of many ecologies, processes, knowledges and disciplines converging, thriving, neither nature or human. A work in progress more photosketching than a solid approach.

The Hedge

Initially the remainder from land clearance for cultivation, the space in between that became boundary, defence, protector of crops, animal enclosures and lines of ownership. They now mask the cultivated environment from the roads we travel on. We have made a representation of nature, the myth that all is well with the environment, and in this denial, this space between the roads of civilisation and the fields of cultivation we are blind. We can no longer read nature, no longer tuned in therefore alien to ourselves.

Meanwhile, the hedge has been busy in our blind spot.

Author: appletreeorchestra

Written by trees

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