The fun side of Data, i-Dat


As difficult as it is to believe raw data analysis and data collection is rarely fun.
But this bunch were certainly very enthusiastic about their work. I met a PhD student making senors to collect data on anything from bats, buses, human heart beats and car parks. A floating tide mill that recorded water data. I learnt about the different between dirty and clean data. I also had a fruitful discussion about if I even needed GPS senors for my Torrey Canyon project.

I felt that their progress on the possibilities of analysing the complexity of systems is more than a joining of process or discipline. Instead of being a technologist, an environmentalist, a scientist, an artist, there is a space to be all of these were we can engage with the complexity of the system through immersive aural and visualisations. Bearing witness to the complex but also able to analyse and understand.


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