Three Seasons for Cultivation Field 2012

Recorded in the walled orchard at Tremough.

Three Seasons from left to right. Tom Sharpe – Double Bass, Kath Williams – Cello, Cally Gibson – Viola, Eva Cooney – Violin Sarah Claman – Violin, Emma Barber – Clarinet

With thanks to

Maisie Thomas-Ayde – Sound recording

Sam Jones – Camera operator and sound

Chris Brown – Camera operator /Editor

Stuart Cottle – Camera operator / Dop

sample of the score
sample of the score


Cornelius Cardew

After convincing Sam the music teacher the loan of his full sized double bass he said I should look up Cornelius Cardew.


A guide to Cornelius Cardew’s music




2012 will be a poor crop of apples

It’s going to be a quiet year, my trees have been hit by the warm March and cold April. Any blossoms left on trees after the storms were abandoned by the bugs who were too cold to come out and pollinate. After the relatively noisy success of 2011 I only have 17 apples on my six trees. All of which are getting nice and fat with ample space to grow on the branches, therefore no ‘June drop’.

Lord Derby Cookers © Tom Ingate

Maybe this year the trees will beat their 43 days of silence.