Call for Papers; Environmental Utterance 1st-2nd September 2012

Call for Papers

University College Falmouth inc. Dartington College of Arts

invites you to


 1st-2nd September 2012 


Deadline for applications: 31st March 2012

Swap your Vinyl for the Sounds of Tree Rings!?

Evidence of emergent networks, this is something Press and Editorial Photography student Ed Stone stumbled across…. and thought of me.

Slices of tree trunk being played on turntables!

Cheers Ed

Rog Ur, a 12 month check up

It’s just over 12 months since Rog Ur was donated to the orchestra and he’s doing well.

Rog Ur June 2011 and January 2012 © Copyright Tom Ingate 2012 all rights reserved

It’s quite amazing how resilient this little tree is. Traveling from the Tian Shan Mountains as a seed in a pocket. Germinated in a pot under a hedge in Suffolk then planted out in Cornwall. Stunted and root bound Rog Ur almost tripled his branches last year with the majority of the growth coming from near the base. The original whip lost its leaves about a month before the new growth, not sure if this is a bad sign, will have to see what happens this year.



Slime Mould and Emerging Networks

A fascinating piece showing an emerging network of a slime mould challenging very clever engineers in developing a sustainable and efficient network.


Slime Mould Network

Roger Deakin ‘The Garden’

A great piece from the BBC archives, an example of listening being more revealing than looking. ‘The House’ is also well worth a listen, linked on the same page.

The Moat - Walnut Tree Farm 2011 © Copyright Tom Ingate 2012 all rights reserved