Cultivation Field Symposium

I should really reflect on my experience from the Cultivation Field Symposium in September hosted at Reading Uni by Kate Corder.

I’ve been meaning to for ages but term time got in the way and pushed all thoughts of the event to the back of my mind. Where they’ve been fermenting ever since. Good job too, I’m going to be talking about the apples next week in a symposium at UCFalmouth about sustainability and art, it’s taken three months of thought fermentation to start reflecting on what the appletreeorchestra is actually about. What it comments on and how it does it.

I was mightily impressed with from the Cultivation field, as a vehicle of inquiry, as a prototype, even as a type of microscope probing the problem of sustainability. I’m starting to think of the music as a form of data analysis, so through the music I should be able to make my conclusions.

Author: appletreeorchestra

Written by trees

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