Fruits of the Orchestra, Cider, CO2 & DNA

It’s been a busy few days, drying, storing, preserving and freezing end of season veg from the allotment. The apples are ripe and falling consistently off the trees and the score is slowly coming to an end. But my first thought at sight of all these apples was cider. So with brewing tips from friends in the village, a borrowed press, demijohns and a trip to the local brew shop I set to work making my first batch of appletreeorchestra cider. After much chopping, cleaning, squeezing and mixing with more luck than judgment we managed to make three gallons of apple juice. Added some yeast and like all parents transfixed by a new born baby I was transfixed by my demijohns and the bubbles traveling through the airlock, safe in the knowledge that fermentation was well underway and the cider was alive.

Next years saplings
The first batch of appletreeorchestra cider

Author: appletreeorchestra

Written by trees

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